Our DNA was written in the stars... Okay, not quite, the boss wrote it after a bottle of wine...

We are the classy family friend who is a little bit naughty and witty after a couple of wines. We will never go out intentionally to offend you, but we might push the boundaries just a little, we are all adults after all.

We know our shit. We’ve years of experience under our belt, but we don’t feel the need to brag, no one liked that douche at school and in adult life we have no plans to take that mantle.

We are the kid who was quiet and unassuming at school. Then one day at the pub, someone said, “I wonder what he is doing now?”. Anyway, long story short, the kid is busy killing it at life and doing the coolest shit. That’s us.

We have an opinion but only on stuff that we know something about. The current state of the economy? That’s for someone else to worry about, we won’t get involved.

We give a shit, like honestly, really give a shit. It’s not a 9-5 for us, that just doesn’t cut it. We are obsessed by our clients and overly excited about our work.

Also, one more thing while we have your attention...


- Greg James 2k17

Enough of the small talk.
Did our DNA win you over?